Agio F.A.Q.s

Here are some commonly asked questions.
1 Can I purchase extra cushions or patio covers from Agio?
2 My furniture has teak wood accents. Is there anything special I need to do?
3 Can my cushions be washed in the washing machine?
4 Will my Agio furniture rust?
5 What can I do to protect my furniture and make it last longer?
6 How do I file a warranty claim?
7 While assembling my Agio furniture, I noticed I have a piece missing. What do I do?
8 What is NOT covered by my warranty?
9 What does my warranty cover?
10 If my glass should break, how do I get it replaced?
11 Does my warranty cover glass breakage?
12 Can I buy just one extra chair?
13 I saw a particular Agio set I really like. Does it come in other colors?
14 Can I get matching or extra pieces from another retailer?
15 Can I purchase directly from Agio?
16 Where can I buy matching or extra pieces for my Agio patio set?