My furniture has teak wood accents. Is there anything special I need to do?

That depends. Teak will naturally weather to a soft gray or patina color. This process could take up to a year depending on your climate. If you desire this finish, do nothing to your teak. Applying a teak oil will add to the natural transformation of the "weathered" look.

If you wish to maintain the original color of your teak, apply a commercially available teak wood sealer once a year.

If your teak has already weathered and you wish to restore the original finish, apply a weak wood bleach solution with a soft brush. Be careful not to get bleach on the fabric.

Or, you may lightly sand the teak with fine grit sandpaper. Whether you bleach or sand, follow up with an application of teak oil. Teak oils and teak sealers should be available at hardware stores. You can also find them by searching the internet for "teak sealer."