1. Where can I buy matching or extra pieces for my Agio patio set?

All of our items are custom manufactured based on what was requested from each specific retailer. If the retailer from whom you purchased your items or set did not order matching or accessory pieces for the set you purchased, it was not made.

2. Can I order matching or extra pieces directly from Agio?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Agio is a custom manufacturer. We only produce what is ordered by retailers. The minimum order quantity is one 40' ocean container full of the same product (same frame color, same fabric).

3. Can I get matching or extra pieces from another retailer?

Only if another retailer requested matching or extra pieces that would complement your set. Since Agio offers a wide range of furniture styles, frame finishes and fabrics, it is highly unlikely that any two retailers will select and order the same set in the exact same frame finish and with the same fabric. Please refer to the list of Agio Retailers to locate a retailer near you.

4. Can I buy just one extra chair?

Some retailers sell their items in complete sets only. Some retailers sell each of the items individually. It is entirely up to the retailer as to how the products are merchandised.

5. Can I purchase extra cushions or patio covers from Agio?

Since Agio is a custom manufacturer, we do not offer cushions or furniture covers for sale. We recommend visiting a home improvement center or specialty patio shop.